Kodak ESP9 Printer + AiO Software

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To those who may concern: if you are using an all-in-one Kodak printer and are experiencing difficulties with either installing the software from the installation CD or using the Kodak AiO Software (once installed) to set it all up, here’s a handy “tip” which will probably save lots of time and talks to Kodak helpdesk:

First of all go to Kodak’s website and download the latest AiO software for your Windows version. I know the original CD software has an option that reads “install the latest software downloaded from Kodak website” but trust me that’s not entirely right, as that option misses out a few components. Secondly, don’t try to run the downloaded version straight away, as this will only check your printer driver version (and not the rest of the software versions included in the package as well!) and will just tell you that you already have the latest version and refuse to continue with the setup. Instead, go to Control Panel and remove the AiO software entirely first and only then install the downloaded version — upon install you will see that this software reports that it needs to download a few more components (which, believe me, in my case were actually essential!) and finally will proceed with downloading and installing them. At the end of that you will truly have the latest printer drivers and more importantly the latest AiO software version!

In my particular case, because I didn’t have the latest AiO software I couldn’t change the Fax address book and it became such a pain in the backside to have to enter fax numbers by hand every single time I had to send a fax. And I’m sorry guys from Kodak, but you are useless at spotting this or in fact accepting that this is an issue and simply just take it for granted that if your software reports that the latest version is installed that doesn’t mean your software is right (and in this case it definitely isn’t!)


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  1. liviu.tudor

    In fact in particular running the original software on a Windows XP system hangs — the software stops half-the-way through reporting 10 minutes left… then it goes to 15 minutes… 20 mins… I had to cancel it when i reported about 65 minutes left…