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java code

Compilation tools

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If you are developing applications as your day job then you are used more than likely to compiling your code and then running it (I know there are exceptions to the rule in those who are using interpreted languages but there’s still a majority of us it seems who use compilers). Some of you might […]

Server side developers

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OK I had this post in my mind for a while now — the only reason I’m publishing it so late is because it started initially with just small nags in my head about server side developers and I thought at the time one small nag from me hardly constitutes enough reason for a post. […]



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IT recruiters make me laugh nowadays as they don’t seem to be able to understand that you are not interested in any of their jobs as you’re well settled at the moment. Even more so when the job they are trying to sell you is not in an area of interest to you. I work […]