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IT recruiters make me laugh nowadays as they don’t seem to be able to understand that you are not interested in any of their jobs as you’re well settled at the moment. Even more so when the job they are trying to sell you is not in an area of interest to you.

I work in the online media and advertising sector and for now at least I think there’s lots of exciting things for me to do and learn about in this sector so I’m not interested in changing it just yet. As such, when I get approached by an agent nowadays who’s trying to sell me a job in finance or other things I do make sure I make this known to them. To be fair a lot of them understand the message and we agree to touchbase in 6-7 months ago which I’m happy with. It is those that keep on and on about it that do my head in though. And this story involves on of them. As this post will make it to my LinkedIn and Twitter I’m sure the person I’m talking about will realise I am talking about them – I’m not gonna mention any names as its not my intention to shame them in public but rather make a point about what should these kind of recruiters expect if they keep on contacting me after I’ve politely declined their initial approach. Anyway, like I said I’m sure she (yes it is a female recruiter I’m talking about and in this case the gender is relevant to the story) will realise straight away I’m talking about her and I wish I was a fly on the wall to see her face as she does!

Right, so I got approached by this recruiter on LinkedIn and she enquired whether I’d be interested in a senior developer role in an online gaming company. I replied back (yes I do have a “template” I normally use for these cases) saying I’m currently only interested in online media/advertising. Thought nothing of it afterwards thinking she’ll leave me alone for a few months now. But next day I get another InMail from her on the same LinkedIn saying something upon the lines “ok fair enough but when would it be a good time to talk about a cracking development position in finance?

Err hang on a minute – finance does not fall under online/media last I checked! So you are probably gonna just “spam” me now with all the jobs you got hoping that maybe i’ll give up saying “no” in the end and take one of those jobs. And I’m not having that! And as the Godfather would put it : it’s time to take it to the mattress!

So I simply replied back to her question about when it would be a good time to talk: “when we’re in bed after we f….d” ! Guess what – my inbox now is nicely empty as I haven’t heard from her since – result!

Recruiters, you’ve been warned! 😉