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“Well Funded, Pre-IPO Startup Seeks Talented Engineer”

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No, I’m not advertising some position in any of the startups I have links or affiliations with, don’t worry, this is not one of “those” posts 🙂 I’m touching again on the subject of recruiting — and following recent advice, I am not throwing stones at recruiters, just trying to provide some helpful hints, this […]

Dear Banks, F… Off and Leave Me Alone!

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OK, this is not the same as my other previous posts about idiotic recruitment, as in fact the exploratory email I have received from the recruiter was relatively well-targeted — minus the fact that I’m actually in USA nowadays not UK, but they obviously have a copy of my resume/CV from a while back so […]

(More) Idiotic Recruitment

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I’ve posted before about idiotic recruitment and having had some time to organise (read delete) some of my LinkedIn emails I came across this old one. So I decided that I’m going to start posting here every single bit of idiotic recruitment emails I’m getting — if there are people occasionally reading this then they’ll […]

Idiotic Recruitment

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This has just happened to me for real recently and I thought it more than deserves a blog entry. I am used to receiving (quite often irrelevant) regular job offers/notifications from various agency who had my CV years ago and as such still have my CV in their database and include me on their regular […]

How Do You Hire Your Developers?

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All IT companies at some point are faced with the problem of hiring staff – in particular, developers, who in most cases are the core of the business, as they create the product(s) the company builds upon. This is no easy task (if you think it is, go and outsource all of your development to […]



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IT recruiters make me laugh nowadays as they don’t seem to be able to understand that you are not interested in any of their jobs as you’re well settled at the moment. Even more so when the job they are trying to sell you is not in an area of interest to you. I work […]

Job Hunting and Free Entertainment

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As you might have been aware I have started looking for a job (well, only just really 🙂 Now, that turned out to be a brilliant move in terms of brighting up my day! Because, damn, as much as I enjoy my late rising during the day (ah, how good it feels to get out […]