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maven site Problem with Hash Symbol (#)

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Not sure if it’s just me who’s been digging around this issue for a while, maybe it’s common knowledge to the maven community, but I found this very frustrated dealing with this and researching it on the net, so having finally found the solution to this I thought I’d post it here. If nothing else, […]

Cache Ahead using Apache Commons Pool

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If you have done any code that needs some sort of pooling of resources (which is some sort of caching, let’s face it), you would have no doubt come across Apache Commons Pool. (In fact the DBCP pool is used as a standard in applications which require database connection pooling.) The framework offers most of […]

No More Architects and Cowboys, Please!

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I’ve read recently Dustin’s post “Software Architects Need Not Apply” (and in fact was very pleasantly pleased to see that JavaWorld has republished it on their site!) and I felt the subject needs a few words from me too (as always! 🙂 ). I think Dustin made a valid point there : “those who can, […]