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Shooting Range — 27/Oct/2013

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I had to have a go at shooting a “proper” rifle too this time — I’m still trying to find the photo of the target at the end of the session, it’s somewhere in my phone, but I didn’t do too bad if I can say so myself πŸ™‚

Of “Big Brother” and Technology

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This subject came to my attention recently following a few tweets from Dierk KΓΆnig around this — see this tweet for instance. To summarize, there’s an ongoing discussion on social media channels (and not only!) around the fear that technology we (and by “we” I am referring to us, techies) create lands in the lap […]

Vista Point – I280 – San Mateo

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Ok, there are 2 Vista Points on I-280 next to the San Mateo exit I take when I go to work, and this is only one of them. Since I don’t really know how (and whether??) they are labelled or called, I’m gonna refer to this one as the first — purely as it is […]


Evernote API — Small Maven Problem

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So I started looking a bit closer these days at the Evernote API — another platform alongside Twitter which I like a lot, which is to say it’s basically another platform I find myself writing all sorts of tiny apps around πŸ™‚ From the beginning I find out right away a small problem in their […]