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CDN — The Basics — Part 2

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In the previous post, “CDN — The Basics — Part 1”, we got as far as looking at the situation where a load ballancer is employed in front of a set of identical web servers, and the DNS is handled externally by a dedicated DNS server, potentially in a different cloud/region/data center. As it has […]


CDN — The Basics — Part 1

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I wish I could put a “1 out of N” at the end of this post title, however, I have no ideas how far this will go unfortunately; I do however realise that the more I go into details about this subject the more there is to be said about it. And what I have […]

Cache Ahead using Apache Commons Pool

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If you have done any code that needs some sort of pooling of resources (which is some sort of caching, let’s face it), you would have no doubt come across Apache Commons Pool. (In fact the DBCP pool is used as a standard in applications which require database connection pooling.) The framework offers most of […]