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Perf4J and Object Creation/Destroy

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If at any point in your coding life you had to measure some component performance, chances are that you came across Perf4J at some point. To quote from their own website: Perf4J is to System.currentTimeMillis() as log4j is to System.out.println() There are of course other ways to measure timings of components execution, however, I found […]

Checking the Memory Quota

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This is somehow similar to the one above, except that this time an attacker can exploit the memory quota. This quota defines how much memory a user process can allocate at a time. If there is no capping on this value, a user process can try to allocate all the memory available in the system […]

StringBuilder — Memory Consumption

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You have seen probably my initial post about creating StringBuilder’s in Java — and the continuation of it which looked at timings involved. As I promised, I have finally had some time to look at the memory consumption involved in using the 2 ways of creating a StringBuilder in Java. I have used a code […]

Creating StringBuilder in Java

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I wrote in my previous post about StringBuilder’s in Java, and I felt I should provide some measurements around the whole discussion. So I put together some quick and dirty code which is good enough for a comparison of the 2 ways of creating a StringBuilder — bear in mind I said “comparison”, as such […]

About Data Comparison in Java

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If you have been involved in some coding (Java or otherwise) more than likely at some point you had to deal with the situation where you have to compare some data — for the purpose of sorting items in a list, of validating input, or many of the many other situations that require it. And […]