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Women Watch Too Much Cricket! :)

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I was just having a look at Microsoft’s tool for demographics prediction ( and started getting curious about what is the split in between men and women when watching sport and here’s some interesting data that this tool predicts (Sky peeps you’d better listen out if you want to target your audience properly!): football: that […] goes live!

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Finally after a few weeks of hard work from the Phantoms, their website is up and even more importantly — up-to-date! Have a look at and even drop them an email if you like it!

Brilliant Romanian Rugby Site

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For those of you who still think Romanian rugby is non-existent, here’s the proof that’s not the case: this is the first rugby-only Romanian site that I know of: — it has live scores, news about the players (unfortunately most of the national squad as it turns out plays abroad!) and tons of other […]

The aftermath

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Phantoms won yesterday! (well, by default alright 🙂 Nevertheless there were loads of drinks in the club as per usual — and our dear Todd had to finally gulp his birthday drink (I’d hate to think how many drinks were mixed in that pint)

Phantoms Game on Saturday, 26/Oct/2007

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And speaking of rugby, my team, The Phantoms are playing this Saturday at home at 3pm. As it happens, at the time they do so, I’m en route to San Francisco, so I can’t watch and support them, let alone play 🙁  Still, I’ll have my fingers crossed for you guys — GO PHANTOMS!!!

Rugby World Cup 2007

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I was supposed to publish these last week, but I completely forgotten — taken in the Henry J Bean pub in Chelsea, the night England could have won the Rugby World Cup second time in a row. The atmosphere was brilliant — even though the sorrow was deep at the end 🙂