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So, have you checked out http://www.protware.com/ and their product that allegedely protects your online content from copy/paste/view source and so on… What a load of pants 🙂

Don’t they just realise that since you have to make at some point the unecrypted contents available to the browser (unless you’re going to use a plugin, which they don’t!) you are basically NOT offering any protection! And here’s a simple way how to avoid this: use Firefox (by far one of the best browsers). Install the View Source Chart extension. Then enable JavaScript but disable “Disable or replace context menus”, and then visit their “encryption” demo page. Now you can simply right-click on their demo page (which shouldn’t be allowed!) and then select “View Source Chart” — voila! The whole unecrypted source is there! Even more, if after the page has been rendered you disable JavaScript, you can just select and copy any piece of text you want from the page and paste it wherever you want.

So, where’s the protection in here? :O

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  1. liviu.tudor

    As a proof here’s a copy and paste of the demo page contents (as unformatted text, since I can’t seem to be able to paste HTML contents in WordPress’ “submit comment” box):

    “Best product of its kind, bar none.”

    Main HTML Guardian features:

    * A world standard for web intellectual property protection
    – all experts in web design, web security and intellectual property protection recommend HTML Guardian.

    Compare HTML Guardian to other tools for website protection
    [see why it is adopted worldwide as a website protection standard]

    * Rock solid
    – it will properly encrypt all html, shtml, script and asp files, not just some of them. HTML Guardian’s revolutionary CodeAnalyzerâ„¢ engine debugs the encrypted code in realtime and sends the appropriate feedback commands to the encryption engine. This ensures 100% working and error-free encrypted files.

    * Flexible encryption options:
    o Encrypt html files, asp files, external script files(.js or .vbs), php and shtml files, framesets and style sheets (.css) files. You can also encrypt HTML-formatted email.
    o Protect your images with Image Guardian – enhanced image protection.
    o Encrypt only desired parts of html files.
    o Two different methods of encryption
    o – files encrypted with the default method work in all javascript-enabled browsers. You can also use the alternative, more fast and secure method for Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher only. Disable right mouse button (right click).
    o Disable showing link targets in status bar.
    o Disable text selection.
    o Prohibit offline use
    o – your files will work fine when someone is browsing your site, but they will not work if they are saved and run from a local hard drive.Password protect your pages using either a basic or Ultra-Strong password protection.
    o Prohibit linking your pages from other sites.
    o Prohibit printing of protected files.
    o Disable Clipboard & Print Screen ( for IE 5+ only ).
    o Option only to compress HTML code(without encryption).

    * Encrypt either a single file, an entire web site or a file list at once.

    * Full command line support.

    * Language independent
    – HTML Guardian will properly encrypt your files no matter what character set you use. You may have text in English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese or any other language.

    * Powerful partial encryption capabilities
    – encrypt only those parts of the code you want.

    * Profiles
    – quickly apply predefined sets of protection options.

    * Macromedia DreamWeaver integration
    – HTML Guardian is integrated with the world’s most popular WYSIWYG web site editor – Macromedia’s DreamWeaver – HTML Guardian Encryption Add-On for DreamWeaver provides a convenient way to perform some encryption tasks with HTML Guardian, as well as to encrypt the currently edited file and test the encrypted html files in a browser directly from the DreamWeaver’s interface. You can get the free add-on from our downloads page.
    [DreamWeaver encryption add-on installation info]

    * Smart and easy-to-use interface.
    View screenshot.


    * Total protection for your website
    – no portion of your code can be reused by anyone else. Changing even a single character in an encrypted file makes it non-working. The files can’t be edited with HTML editors.
    With ordinary files it’s quite easy to copy any part of the code and use it in another file. You may spend a lot of time developing state-of-the-art page layouts, complicated scripts or dhtml effects (or you may pay someone else a lot of money to develop them for you) – but once you have uploaded your site, anyone can take and edit your files slightly and then use them as her or his own. No special knowledge or experience is required;, even a beginner can take a complicated page and modify it to fit his needs quickly and easily.
    In today’s highly competitive environment, this may have a negative effect on your business. However, if you protect your website, you can dismiss these worries. What’s yours is yours. Period!

    * Protect your images !

    Image theft is one of the most common things, and a major concern for many webmasters.
    The Image Guardian add-on for HTML Guardian provides enhanced protection for the images on your website. It is an invaluable tool if you have a picture gallery website, or you just don’t want your images to be copied by anyone and posted on other websites.
    Image Guardian also makes it impossible to directly link to your images from other websites.

    * Dramatically increase visits to your site
    – keep away web content filters.
    Current statistics show that nearly 80% of web browsing is done from office, university, school, and other large organizations computers, and only about 20% is done from home computers. But nowadays more and more corporations, government organizations and universities are using the so-called “content filters” to limit access to certain web sites. Simply said, a content filter is software that sits between a corporate LAN and the Internet and scans all web pages requested by users. Since web pages are actually plain text files, they can be easily scanned for certain ‘bad’ words. If such words are detected, the filter blocks the page from being sent to the user who requested it.
    These restrictions are not only for adult and gambling sites, as you might think. Actually many organizations block access to sites that offer online shopping, sites related to music, fashion, movies, sports, online forums, shareware sites, sites that offer recipes, horoscopes, and many, many other things that you might never expect.
    It’s easy to understand such policy. The management would prefer its employees not to waste their time for surfing the Web. But the result of all this is: Web content filters can effectively hide your site from more than 50% of your potential visitors!
    If you encrypt your pages, content filters will still scan them, but will find anything suspicious. HTML Guardian is continuously being tested against all software of this kind that we become aware of – where the ordinary files are blocked, encrypted files have no problem getting through 🙂
    Some of our customers have reported 2, 3 or even 5 times more visits to their sites after they began using HTML Guardian!

    Encrypting your files is also useful if you want to put a banner or any other kind of advertisement on your site. There are many personal web content filters available ( like AdFilter, AdMuncher, AdSubtract, Norton Internet Security, Proxomitron and many others). These filters remove advertisements based on different criteria. Visitors who use this kind of software will not see your banners. However, if you encrypt your pages, everyone will see them.

    * Protect your links and all external files
    – there are many programs that can collect or “leech” all the links from a html document – links to downloadable files, other html files, images, applets, etc. Then someone can simply put these links in another website and make a site similar to yours with no efforts at all, using your work for his benefit. This not only makes your site less competitive, it also generates additional traffic for which you may have to pay.
    HTML Guardian not only protects your files and links, but it can also save you money in the event that you pay for site traffic.

    * Stop site rippers
    – site rippers are programs specifically designed to download entire websites. Examples of such programs are Teleport Pro, WebSnake, Offline explorer etc. They can download an exact duplicate of a website, complete with subdirectory structure and all external files referenced in all of the pages. Site rippers are commonly used for creating offline browsable copies of different sites such as web based knowledge bases and tutorials, picture galleries and so on. They are multithreaded and can download many files simultaneously, which may overload the server and make your site unavailable for other visitors. Also site rippers generate an enormous amount of traffic – they don’t just download what the user needs, they download everything.
    HTML Guardian stops site rippers. They are unable to analyze encrypted files and will download nothing but the page they were configured to start with.

    * Avoid spam
    – protect all email addresses on your site.
    So called “email spiders” can scan thousands of websites per day and extract all email addresses from them. Once an email address is posted online, it will sooner or later appear in some spamming database.
    It is impossible to extract emails from protected sites.

    “ProtWare is among the companies that will determine the future of the web.”
    Victor Bronco, Online Trends

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    © 1997-2005, ProtWare Inc. All rights reserved.
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    What can I say? A very very strong encryption solution! 😀