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“Caring for the Environment” in the Hospitality Industry

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How come that (nearly) every single hotel / guest house / B & B nowadays displays a little note in the shower regarding “caring for the environment”? The note is pretty standard and asks guests for support in protecting the environment to the extent of re-using the towels if possible for an extra day so […]

Firefox 2.0 and Existing Plugins/Extensions

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So Firefox 2.0 has been out for a while. However, if you check out some of the release notes, the one that talks about updating extensions for Firefox 2 seems really interesting: The first step — and, for most extensions, the only one that will be needed — is to update the install manifest file, […]

Messenger Reaches Venus

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So, today at 8:34 am UTC Messenger has reaches Venus and it’s doing its first Venus flyby. Can’t wait for the first pictures to arrive. The mission timeline shows that this flyby is scheduled at about 3000 km, but the second fly by (which is only due in July 2007) will be much much lower, […]

Speaking of Amazon-WordPress Integration…

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Found this plugin called WP-Amazon (check out the site here: Once configured it adds this button which allows you to search and insert content from Amazon into your post. So just to try it out, in this post there should be an Amazon link to Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man CD. Unfortunatelly it doesn’t […]

WordPress and IFRAMEs

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Why can’t I copy and paste the code for an IFRAME in wordpress? If I go to the HTML dialog and copy and paste the IFRAME from say Amazon, WordPress tries to be “clever” and, well, it does something really stupid and messes it all up! It basically shoves the content of the post inside […]

Customizing AdSense

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I like the fact that Google’s AdSense offers the possibility to change the colors of the ads, so it doesn’t break a site theme — that’s always good. However I am not pleased at all with not being able to change the bloody fonts 🙁 After all, their ads will always read “Ads by Google” […]

Google Gadgets

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If you are using Google and your are using the Personalised Home Page, by now you must have heard of “Google Gadgets” — those little applets that you add to your home page and you move around and align them as you wish. I personally think it’s great — I even went to the length […]

(Astronomy) Picture of the Day

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If like myself you like your desktop wallpaper changed often with cool stuff, you might find this site useful: Every day there is a new picture related to astronomy posted and you can download them in high quality as well. Some of them are indeed artists impressions of various events yet to come, but […]