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I like the fact that Google’s AdSense offers the possibility to change the colors of the ads, so it doesn’t break a site theme — that’s always good. However I am not pleased at all with not being able to change the bloody fonts 🙁 After all, their ads will always read “Ads by Google” anyway, so it’s not like someone will pretend that they are not running Google’s ads (or they are running someone else’s ads)!

They could even keep the formatting of the wording “Ads by Google” to themselves and change the colors and formatting as they wish, but it would be nice to change the fonts though. Overture and Miva already do this from what I’ve seen!

I know one can write a really clever piece of JavaScript (or add some CSS) to override their styling, but I’d be surprised if that was not ruled out by the contract with Google AdSense, so that kind of solution is out of the question — unfortunately 🙁

Or maybe it was worth doing it and then signalling it to them as a possibility of changing their styling — so then they can incorporate it in their tags? :O

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  1. liviu.tudor

    Well I found out that one thing that can be added to AdSense is images, via AdSense Beautifier — check out , which ads images next to your adsense ads. Doesn’t solve my problem, but it makes it slightly pretty. hmmmmmm…