Jek sie masz!

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Don’t know about you, but I went and saw the movie Borat this weekend, after all the hype that was built around it. And I must say it is extremely funny!

While I was amused before by his “Russian” language which turns out to be Polish (ask any Polish guy how do you say “Thanks” in Polish and you’ll find out where Borat’s Genkuy comes from ;-)), I was even more amused about the beginning part which was actually shot in a gypsy village in Romania! The whole beginning of the movie “in his home village” is actually shot there and throughout this part all of the people involved (well, apart from Sascha Baron Cohen himself obviously) speak Romanian.

So if you put it all together, your average (I’m avoiding the term “ignorant” on purpose here 🙂) viewer would be utterly confused about the language spoken by the Khazakhstani people: is it Polish, Russian, Romanian or a mixture of arabic and something else? 🙂
High five!