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Java vs JavaScript?

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The title of this post was intentionally chosen to raise some eyebrows – after all we all know that in most cases (I’m taking the likes of Rhino out of the equation, same for applets) the former resides on the server side while the latter is used as a client-side language. So why would someone […]

Idiotic Recruitment

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This has just happened to me for real recently and I thought it more than deserves a blog entry. I am used to receiving (quite often irrelevant) regular job offers/notifications from various agency who had my CV years ago and as such still have my CV in their database and include me on their regular […]

Hollywood Actresses

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I was watching just last night a movie on one of the terestrial channel — a repeat of a classic super-action/super-adventure/super-thriller and all the other “supers” (I’m not going to divulge the name of it as I don’t want to actually increase its popularity) when what is about to follow in this post (re)occurred to […]

StringBuilder — Memory Consumption

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You have seen probably my initial post about creating StringBuilder’s in Java — and the continuation of it which looked at timings involved. As I promised, I have finally had some time to look at the memory consumption involved in using the 2 ways of creating a StringBuilder in Java. I have used a code […]