California, 2011

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Since I’m in the process of (finally!) organizing my photos, I found these ones that I never got to upload — from last year (2011) on a business trip with Denis Lowe and Rowan Jacobson: at the time Cognitive Match was just opening their offices in Palo Alto so we turned up for 2 weeks to make sure everything was right 🙂

We started in San Francisco:

First morning though saw us being transformed into proper “Silicon Valley boys” as we had some live production environment issues to sort out — nothing spells Silicon Valley more than a bunch of geeks with Mac’s in a hotel lobby 🙂

Luckily we got that sorted quickly — with enough time to head off to Napa Valley… via Golden Gate Bridge 😉

Finally we made it to Napa — with time to visit about 4 wineries and have a few private tasting sessions too:

Monday was then time to finally step in the new Cognitive Match office in Palo Alto — which at the time wasn’t exactly kitted up for us 🙂

I’m not gonna make it any comments on what Rowan and Amit were doing here though 🙂

On the way back to London, we took another short trip to San Francisco:

Obviously had to visit a few tourist attractions 😀

And then roam freely for a few hours around the city…

And had to experience some more Californian wine — check out the awesome colors!!!

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  1. Alex Kelleher

    Ah, memories. Looking forward to coming out and seeing the crew