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AppLovin + Aerospike

Of Advertising and Scaling Up

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I have attended the other week a very interesting meetup – part of the “Scale Warriors of Silicon Valley” series (which by the way I highly recommend if you’re into that sort of “thing” – and chances are if you’re a developer in the Valley you are! 😉 ) – and as with everything I […]

Go Earthquakes!

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Finally got off my lazy bum and went to watch San Jose Earthquakes play their football at home for the first time. To be honest, it was rather good — the Santa Clara stadium is quite small and intimate and they won against Chicago FC 5-1 — woohoo!

Let’s All Go To Sleep

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This is another speech I’ve given in Toastmasters, and it’s part of Competent Communicator manual, Project #7: “Research Your Topic“. As a reminder, the objectives of the project are: Collect information about your topic from numerous sources Carefully support your points and opinions with specific facts, examples, and illustrations gathered through research With that in […]

Silicon Valley Storytellers Toastmasters Turns 1 Year Old

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I’ve had the pleasure of attending the Silicon Valley Storytellers Toastmasters group’s 1 Year anniversary this week — and we got a treat with a few inspiring speeches as well as some wicked impromptu ones, as you might see from the attached agenda for the night (below). The new officers of the club have been […]

american express

Product Idea: AMEX Concierge by Text

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I have been a big fan of American Express for years, both in the UK and USA — without singing their praises too much, I love the customer service they provide and I love the facilities that they offer if you are an Amex Platinum cardholder. I love all the customer rewards points (yup, you […]

Continents Reunited

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In this photo, there are 4 continents, 3 people, 2 companies and one team: With my friends Denis (Australia) and Nick (South Africa) — and me obviously (Europe) — in a bar in America. We all used to be part of the same team back in the days in London, nowadays Nick has started his […]

Wanted: Creative Software Engineer

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A while back, LinkedIn included me in the exclusive group of people who are allowed to have their own blog hosted on LinkedIn 🙂 As such, I got an invite from LinkedIn to start creating my first post. I stared at that email for ages I think (at least a couple of months) before I […]