Web browser tolerance

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Can someone tell me why are the web browsers so tolerant with web masters? I’ve seen so many sites that were absolutely appaling in terms of how the HTML was written yet it works fine in IE (as the customer normally puts it). That’s all fine, however, when you’re contracted to add something to their site that is supposed to “work in all browsers”, try to explain a dumbass that there’s no chance what you’re doing would ever work in Firefox or Netscape, because even before you start doing anything, opening the page in Firefox renders desastruous results. And in such circumstances, typically the answer you get is yeah, but Firefox (or Netscape) is a rubbish browser, it works fine in IE see? So then you’re stuck with actually re-writing the HTML to look at least half-decent so any other browser can render the page correctly and only after that you can actually start doing the work you were supposed to do.

Agreed, making the browsers more strict about the HTML they accept would probably “destroy” half of the websites out there. So what? Maybe this will get the so-called “webmasters” to get off their arses and finally buy a HTML book and start writing some decent HTML code. Dixit!