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London Underground

Underground blogger

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Ok so I’m on the tube just finished my previous blog post and sent it (ok had to wait till I had some signal bit that’s a minor detail) and as I look around I see these 3 chicks (call them “girls” for no better term :p) looking at me. In fact they’ve been kind […]

Developing for mobile platforms

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It’s been a while since I last looked at developing apps for mobile platforms. Some of you who looked through the technical section of my website are probably familiar by now with the convertor app (which even to my surprise proved very popular!), and probably noticed that haven’t done anything about it in ages. Well […]

How good is your hosting?

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I’ve seen so many adverts lately online for various hosting packages and co-locaton offers, data centre and so on, each one of them claiming to be the best there is thus raising the question: which one is the best really? While beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, the answer is always relative […]

How come developers dont want to work for banks anymore?

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I had a couple of recent discussions on the phone recently with 2 head hunters who were trying to get me a “dream job” in some banks in the city. I say “dream job” because that’s exactly how they presented it to me – the fact that it was in a bank it meant for […]

Why do I blog so much?

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I’ve been prompted recently by a few with regards to my recent blog entries as it became apparent that I’m blogging a lot and very often recently. It’s not because all of a sudden I find myself with so much more time on my hands – if anything my schedule has become busier nowadays! – […]

How do you attract your employees?

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“We are one of the greatest companies to work for!” I’m sure you’ve heard this a few times through your interviews. And only very rarely it proves to be the case. (leaving aside the fact that “great” is a subjective term and as such it’s difficult to compare the “greatness” of 2 companies , which […]

Programming for bandwidth

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Just like many others I do keep an eye on the technical articles and blogs that are out there on the net. I’d like to think that most of the ones I’m reading are quite authoritative on some areas of programming and present some useful insights into the world of IT. Even so, I am […]

The big guns

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This is just something that has been the subject of many discussions in between myself and various friends of mine for a while now so I thought I’d summarize some of these into a post – if nothing else just to remind myself a few years down the line what I used to think about […]

iStock_blog write keyboard


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Ok so just got on the central line and luckily found enough space to pull out my mobile and start typing woohoo this is looking good! One interesting thing on the underground is how many people check each other out-im sure you’ve all noticed this: busy carriage can’t move can’t turn so under this pretext […]