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Ok so just got on the central line and luckily found enough space to pull out my mobile and start typing woohoo this is looking good!

One interesting thing on the underground is how many people check each other out-im sure you’ve all noticed this: busy carriage can’t move can’t turn so under this pretext you can ogle the opposite sex as much as you want. ladies please don’t tell me that’s not the case as I’ve caught you doing it so many times! The only difference though from what I could notice is that while men prefer to do it rather blatantly under the umbrella of being “macho” women have a more discreet approach:

  • the reading approach this seems to be a favourite for the “around 30” category and it seems to be favoured by those standing-simply position yourself facing the “subject” and slide the book down a couple of inches so you have a “clear shot”. When caught simply act as if you were just lowering the book enough to meet your other hand to turn the page
  • the where are we approach this seems to be preferred by those sitting down as they look up at the subject and when caught start pretending you are just trying to make sense of the tube map right behind them
  • the pensive look “no I’m not looking at you darling just staring into space thinking about stuff” (probably latest offers on shoes on M&s dare I add πŸ™‚
  • the business woman yes you know the type:dressed smart, typically black suit walking with a Prada bag allegedly containing their latest acquisition and with the BlackBerry in one hand pretending to go through a backlog of emails. Ever so often looking around to make sure they haven’t missed their stop; but while doing so focusing a lot on the bloke next to the door. Quite likely she’s not sending emails but texting her mate or twittering:”on a train, the guy next to me is so cute” πŸ™‚ gotta love technology!
  • the really shy ones who have no angle really and always end up getting caught and turning bright red with embarrassment πŸ™‚
  • the sniffer I’m actually not sure this is actually a category as I only experienced it once: I saw a girl blatantly sniffing the perfume of the guy in front of her!when she figured out I clocked her she just smiled-arguably the carriage was packed but that was definitely sniffing not breathing!

There’s probably more to say on this and I might revisit this entry but I’ve just reached my destination so this is the end of today’s walk’n’blog!