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London UndergroundOk so I’m on the tube just finished my previous blog post and sent it (ok had to wait till I had some signal bit that’s a minor detail) and as I look around I see these 3 chicks (call them “girls” for no better term :p) looking at me. In fact they’ve been kind of staring at me for a while – and while initially I thought it could only be my irresistible good looks 😀 unfortunately I came to realise its not that : they give me dirty looks I’m pretty sure because of my frantic typing on my BlackBerry! Look girls I’m not showing off ok, if you look closer you would see that I’m using a BlackBerry Storm – that’s no longer a trendy phone as its over a year old! And I’m not an idiot to just pretend I’m sending texts when there is no coverage since we’re underground. I’m not flirting with some “hot babe” nor am I showing off my (antique) phone – I’m simply an underground blogger 🙂 And I’m just putting together my next blog post.

There are still people who use these smart phones for more than just taking pictures and sending them to mates or listening to music out loud on the tube or bus-and it happens I’m one of them. I am typing as you obviously noticed, not just playing Space Invaders hitting the same key to shoot the alien fuckers 🙂 and I don’t care if I hot not signal, mobiles nowadays can save stuff in memory for later sending.

So please, next time you see someone typing frantically on the underground remember that he might be an underground blogger-like me!