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Product Idea — Dropbox Reloaded

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I just had this thought just now and I thought I have to start writing down these “product ideas” — which are just random ideas of small improvements for various products that come to my mind every now and then — as otherwise nothing will happen. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect that simply […]

J2ME StopWatch Application

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This is another resurrect from my old website — again, it seems people are visiting my site looking for this (old) J2ME application. Please be aware that I haven’t updated this application in ages — it was known to run last time I checked, but that was a while back. I suspect as such it’s […]

Why I Think Technology Is Overrated

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You might find the opening title of this post shocking – even more so as I’m involved with technology on a daily basis! – and while it is true that I have chosen a very striking title for it to grab your attention hopefully by the end of it you might agree with some of […]

London Underground

Underground blogger

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Ok so I’m on the tube just finished my previous blog post and sent it (ok had to wait till I had some signal bit that’s a minor detail) and as I look around I see these 3 chicks (call them “girls” for no better term :p) looking at me. In fact they’ve been kind […]

Why do I blog so much?

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I’ve been prompted recently by a few with regards to my recent blog entries as it became apparent that I’m blogging a lot and very often recently. It’s not because all of a sudden I find myself with so much more time on my hands – if anything my schedule has become busier nowadays! – […] Spreading in London

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On the way to work today I’ve spotted another sticker — around Victoria/Pimlico area in London. My Blackberry doesn’t have the best camera (sorry!) so you probably cannot make too much sense of it but here it is: If you have seen one of these stickers before you would recognize it probably straight-away: it’s […]