Engineering Marketing

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First of all please notice the title of this post: Engineering Marketing — and not Marketing Engineering! (I do work currently in Ads Engineering in Netflix, which deals as you would expect with Marketing Engineering, in other words engineering solutions to support our digital marketing efforts.) Point being that this post is about marketing engineering efforts — and also marketing “stuff” to engineers.

This has occurred to me recently looking at some of the engineering blogs on the net — and I find myself each time invariably looking not just at the technical content but also at the overall website structure and the message it projects. Here’s the thing: you can’t have a great engineering blog without great content, that’s a given. At the same time though, a blog does project your image “out there” so it’s important to look after details I feel.

And as such I think it helps if the blog has a clear “mission statement” visible to all the readers — even if it’s something cheesy like “changing the digital world one byte at a time” 🙂

So I get puzzled when i see an engineering blog such as the one below who missed out on stating their missing statement and instead opted for just “Blog” in the headline!

Just because we’re engineers doesn’t mean the basic principles of marketing do not apply you know? 😉