Server Migration

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Some of you might have noticed, some might not, but I finally got off my arse to migrate my domain to a proper hosting package. Gone are the days where I had 2 servers stuck under my desk at home — as much as I had fun X11-ing into my Linux boxes and adding things like mod_jk to apache and plugging in some Tomcat niceties, it came to the realization that lately I didn’t have time to do that so much nowadays 🙂 (Blame the folks at Apache Commons for hijacking my spare time 🙂 )

So I finally decided to migrate to a proper hosting and take the opportunity to actually unify all the other subdomains I had under into one single website. Since the one that I kept maintaining the most was my blog (the old I decided to have this as the main website and then “migrate” over old content from the other sites, keeping only the bits that were interesting. So right now you have one single website,, and the old blog redirects to this, same with — and the other subdomains don’t exist anymore (I’m pretty sure no one would miss them, as they were more coding experiments rather than fully fledged websites).

So bear with me while I do the full migration and if there’s something I’ve missed, feel free to drop me a line and let me know which bits I’ve missed from the old websites and I’ll try to add them in.