The Rugby Team Principle — Illustrated Edition

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rugby goal rugby ballI wrote a while back about the rugby team principle and recently I stumbled on YouTube on this clip — which more than exemplifies what I was trying to convey. Please bear with the crappy quality of it!

It depicts the last few minutes of Harlequins against Stade Français in the European cup — The Quins start with one point down, so any kind of score will win them the game (remember a drop goal is 3 points, a penalty kick is 3 points, try is 5 points). The trouble is they only have 1 minute and about 30 seconds to do this and the ball is with Stade Français! Again, remember that in rugby the clock doesn’t stop like in NFL and once the 80 minutes have been reached the first infringement ends the game — be it forward pass, knock-ons (which means dropping the ball forward), foul play or the ball going into touch; obviously all the oposition has to do once the 80 minutes are reaches is to kick the ball into touch — game over and well done Stade Français!

However, by luck or whatever else you want to call it, the Quins find themselves in posession of the ball but miles away from the oposition try line who is defending furiously — and what is about to follow will show you how a team fights inch by inch to get their kicker in position to drop kick for victory. The level of trusts from Nick Evans into his team for making the yards is admirable as well as his kick — not to mention the fact that his forwards who got him in the position never doubted for one second that once they get him in position he WILL get that ball through the uprights and secure their victory. It’s a lesson in how determination and team work helps you achieve your goal. Even if you don’t understand rugby, you will surely appreciate it: