Social Media Experiment

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OK so this is just a tiny experiment I’m trying to conduct — to prove how (ahem!) penetrative this social media is — so just retweet/re-facebook / whatever this and let’s see if it reaches any of the 2 girls in the photos and if it does, hopefully they get back to me. I’m not trying to stalk anyone — as it happens I have the contact details of one of them! Even more so, one of them is from Denver and the other one from Southern California, which, if you know anything about me, will make you realize that would make it a difficult stalking process since I’m in San Jose 🙂 lol I’m just honestly curious if re-tweeting and re-facebooking and so on actually does land these photos in front of them. And if it reaches you, please do get in touch as I’d like to work it back to see how many re-tweets it took for you to get this 🙂 (Twitter / Facebook / G+ you guys will loooooove this because it might prove which one of y’all has more traction, right?)

So, without further do — the photos — I’m pretty sure if you see these, you know it’s you in the picture so won’t give further details — let’s see how this pans out. I promise I’ll get back on my blog with details if indeed this circles around till it reaches the 2 in the photos!