Embrace the Change

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iStock_hero_light_sillhouette_anonymousI’m starting a new job tomorrow. Finally, it came to that time to leave behind Cognitive Match / Magnetic and take on a new challenge.

This change and the implications it has on various levels in my life got me thinking. There are a lot of unknowns ahead of me and a lot of challenges to tackle and problems to solve as with every job. As such, I’m a little nervous.

Even more so as I’m joining a prestigious media company, well known in the scientific circles around here: from tomorrow, I’m joining The Linus Group as their Chief Technology Officer. It’s a natural progression I think, I’ve worked before in positions where I influenced or defined companies or product technologies and roadmaps so it was time to slide into a position finally where I do this across a whole portfolio of products and projects.

As I said, there are a lot of unknowns ahead of me in this position — but thinking of it I realised that every change comes with its set of unknowns and its accompanying nervousness. It’s ok to be nervous and it’s ok to accept that there are unknowns ahead of you.

It’s not ok to run away from change and hide from these unknowns by keeping things as they are. Every challenge we undertake helps us better ourselves and by continuously introducing change we allow ourselves to adapt, to transform, to evolve.

To all of you out there who are faced with changes coming your way, I have one advice: embrace these changes and let them shape you into a better you. I am grateful to The Linus Group for the opportunity, and I know there are a lot of things I don’t know about what being a CTO means ahead of me, even more so there are a lot of things I don’t know about what being The Linus Group CTO means — but I know that I can deal with the unknowns and these challenges, and through doing so I will become a better me.

Good luck to you all out there facing changes in your life, and good luck to me ! 🙂