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Thoughts on Programming and Its Challenges

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At the end of another tough week in Netflix I look back at what I have achieved and what has been challenging in achieving it. I do wonder what I do looks like from the outside and I can’t really see how someone would make sense of my job. I sit in front of 3 (sometimes more!) […]

Gradle Multi-Project Issue with Checkstyle

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I have encountered this with Gradle recently and I have struggled to find right away a solution to the issue — it took a bit of reading (more) about Gradle, Checkstyle and some digging in until I found the (rather simple) solution. So I thought I’d post it here for others to hopefully find this […]

About Writing Clean Code

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Every now and then I feel any developer should sit down and reflect upon some of the experiences from the past. I feel this is healthy: once you allow enough time to pass, you can go back and revisit good and bad (technical and less technical) experiences from the past and learn from them. The […]

Do We Still Need the Singleton Pattern?

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If you have been working in software engineering for a while chances are you have often come across (even if you didn’t know it!) design patterns. If you haven’t, as I said, chances are you just don’t realise you have used them — so I strongly suggest the “Gang of Four” book as a starting […]

Creating StringBuilder in Java

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I wrote in my previous post about StringBuilder’s in Java, and I felt I should provide some measurements around the whole discussion. So I put together some quick and dirty code which is good enough for a comparison of the 2 ways of creating a StringBuilder — bear in mind I said “comparison”, as such […]

Java StringBuilder

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This is something that I have seen quite a few times while looking online at other people’s code so I thought I’d write about it quickly — preach the world and all that 🙂 I’m referring here to the JDK class StringBuilder, however, those of you who know your JDK classes would surely have figured […]