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WTF … Google?

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Today I have been one of the dumbasses who end up typing the URL of a web page in the Google search box and hitting ENTER without thinking. I was trying to open up Cognitive Match‘s web page @ — and through the above mistake I got Google to search instead for Oh […]

Cognitive Match Karaoke

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Going through my phone, these are long-forgotten pictures from a karaoke session we had at Cognitive Match. Thank God that Lucky Voice has private rooms, otherwise neighbors would have complained no doubt! πŸ™‚ Even more so as the warm-up session in Belgo Central probably made the singing later on even worse πŸ˜‰ Check out Rowan […]

Complicated? Noooooooo!

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This is (part of) the Cognitive Match in one of our standard design and planning meetings today. Nothing spectacular, but it’s been a while I thought since I’ve last shared some of the insights into how we do things over here. You reckon that diagram we’re all working on looks complicated? Nooooooo! That’s simple shit […]

Late Shooting Trophy

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You’ve all seen my team picking up a shooting trophy in the Cognitive Match Christmas Day Out 2010, I’m sure; however, here’s a late trophy for me for the same day (thanks Nancy!) — shame it didn’t get to me on time as I’m sure everyone would have enjoyed the label which reads “Who said […]

Cognitive Match Christmas Day Out 2010

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I’ve promised in my previous post I’ll come back with more pictures from the awesome Christmas bash we had last Friday here, at @CognitiveMatch. Many thanks to @AlexKelleher and Lucy (she’s not on Twitter, bloody technophobes! :p) for organising this — and not to forget @theboybg for taking all the photos and putting together this […]

Londonist Pub Quiz

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Probably one of the best pub quizzes I’ve been to this year! The Londonist organized pub quiz last night in “Time and Space” bar in Mayfair. Here’s the “Cognitive Mismatch” working hard for their …errr…. 8th place πŸ™‚