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Customizing Squirrel Mail Login Page

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For those of you who are using SquirrelMail, you might have noticed that it looks a bit well, let’s just say amateurish ๐Ÿ™‚ That doesn’t go to say it isn’t a good package! (I personally love it and I think it does a pretty good job — hence my additions to this software.) However, as […]

Java vs JavaScript?

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The title of this post was intentionally chosen to raise some eyebrows – after all we all know that in most cases (I’m taking the likes of Rhino out of the equation, same for applets) the former resides on the server side while the latter is used as a client-side language. So why would someone […]

Bandwidth – reloaded

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I’ve posted before about bandwidth in my posts and I knew from the beginning that it’s one of those issues that you can never exhaust. As it happens recently I came across another interesting thing which is probably worth sharing: cross browser delivery. In brief, it means delivering to each browser the content it can […]

Server side developers

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OK I had this post in my mind for a while now — the only reason I’m publishing it so late is because it started initially with just small nags in my head about server side developers and I thought at the time one small nag from me hardly constitutes enough reason for a post. […]

Customize Your SquirrelMail Login Page

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If you’re using SquirrelMail then you are probably a bit fed up with the plain look-and-feel of the product. I’m not against it, it’s just that it DOES look kind of amateurish, unfortunately ๐Ÿ™ While there is currently work in progress to make it more customizable and skinnable and so on in a future release, […]

SquirrelMail Autocomplete for Firefox

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So I finally got around to providing a fix for the Autocomplete plugin for SquirrelMail to work in Firefox (for those of you who didn’t realise, the plugin was only working with Internet Explorer before). Hopefully the fix will make it in the next release of the plugin, but for those of you who are […]

Firefox 2.0 and Existing Plugins/Extensions

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So Firefox 2.0 has been out for a while. However, if you check out some of the release notes, the one that talks about updating extensions for Firefox 2 seems really interesting: The first step — and, for most extensions, the only one that will be needed — is to update the install manifest file, […]

Protect your online content

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This has happened to me recently: Normally I check my webservers logs regularly — partly to find out whether my page views have increased (if only ๐Ÿ™‚ ), partly to see where my visitors come from (and more importantly to make sure that I get other visitors than my friends ๐Ÿ™‚ ), partly to see […]