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Cool Windows Utility

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Here’s one worth dowloading: Handle from SysInternals : it lists all the files currently opened and the processes they are opened by. While this facility has been present in Unix systems for ages, it took a while to get something similar it seems on Windows. Have a look here.

Intel-based Mac

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What’s all this hype about Intel-based Macs? All I could see is just a fancy laptop that costs twice as much and can run Windows! :O

dot-com idea

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Here’s a (pretty stupid) idea of making money in the DOT-COM era: run a website where you invite people to make suggestions on what you could do to lose your job and get yourself fired and then run advertising on it (mostly to do with job hunting!) and make money off it. 🙂 Wonder if […]

verbs icons

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Speaking of web and images — here are some cool clipart icons depicting various activities (“verbs” as the site puts it) that come in handy: verbs.

Images for the web

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Don’t know where most webmasters get their images from, but I’ve used for a while stock.xchng — and it’s great!

Cool Firefox extension

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For the fans of Firefox, just came across this cool extension called AutoBrowse which browses the net automatically for you Simply, based on a few search terms that you can set up, it will look them up in Google and then start browsing the search results one by one. Kind of cool to watch…

Web browser tolerance

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Can someone tell me why are the web browsers so tolerant with web masters? I’ve seen so many sites that were absolutely appaling in terms of how the HTML was written yet it works fine in IE (as the customer normally puts it). That’s all fine, however, when you’re contracted to add something to their […]

Summer job

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A couple of months ago, I was talking to a very young friend of mine about his worries regarding getting a job during summer. I need to say I guess that my friend is about 17 y/o and he’s studying IT in college. Like all youngsters he’s quite passionate and inquisitive about technology and he […]

The dawn of a new era :-)

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(or maybe I should spell it as “the dawn of a new error” 🙂 ) Only just installed wordpress and started the blog site — which I’ve been meaning to do for a while now but just couldn’t be bothered. As it turns out is less complicated than I thought 🙂 Hmmmm…. I’d be curious […]