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Yet another resurrected (old) J2ME application from my old website. I couldn’t actually find the original page for this, just the zip file with all the sources for this and the compiled version.So you might have to figure this one by yourself I’m afraid! If (and that is a big “if” at the moment unfortunately!) I find the time to look at this code again, I will add more details here about what’s what — for now though, as I said, you will have to download the zip and if you want to install the app, I think it’s best if you just copy the .jar file onto your phone (most mobiles support USB or similar transfer of files so I would recommend that as the best way of installing the application).

From what I recall, this app was developed using Eclipse and Sun’s WTK — as such it should still work if you just download the zip, unpack it and open the project in Eclipse. From there on, you should be able to compile it easily and package it (into a jar) and also generate the jad file for over-the-wire deployment. Once you’ve done that you’re ready to install your app over-the-wire (if your phone doesn’t support simply copying the jar file over via a USB connection) — though be aware that you will have to copy the jad and jar onto a webserver and modify the URL’s accordingly so the jar referenced in the jad files is on the webserver you use!

Also, there are a few convert classes provided in the package, however, from what I remember the application was designed with extensibility in mind — as such it should be easy enough to add your own conversion classes: look at ConverProvider.java and any of the convert classes provided to see how to implement your own. Once you’ve implemented a new conversion (in a separate java class), add it to PROVIDERS array in ConvertorDisplayable.java and that should be it. I appreciate these are very high-level instructions on how to expand the application, but as I said, I haven’t got too much time for this at the moment (bear in mind this application hasn’t been updated since about 2006!) so the purpose of this post is just to publish it out there again, and eliminate the frustrations that most people who reach my site searching for “j2me convertor” no doubt experience when they get a 404.

Just as with previous posts resurrected from my old site, I have set up a HTTP redirection so the original link should redirect to this post. I am aware the original page contained more instructions and a link to the jad and jar files allowing over-the-wire installation of this application, but I’m afraid for now this will have to do. Sorry, but my focus is nowadays on different parts of Java development.

The zip containing the Java sources, the jar and the jad file and all the resources (images etc) is available for download here.

Final note on this: I am not actively maintaining this application so please do not ask for updates! I might put it on something like github or sourceforge if I have the time and give it to the community — but unfortunately I do have a few other things on my hands at the moment, so this will be done as and when I have the time. Quite happy to hear though from a developer who wants to take over this project — so by all means if you fancy doing that drop me a line using the contact form.

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