8,000+ Page Views a Month!

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Back in February/2012, I’ve hit 3,000+ page views a month — big milestone for a small blog like this, I’m sure you’ll all agree! It appears traffic has been on the way up though, as my latest look at the Wassup stats reveals over 8,000 page views for the last month! And that is, as per usual, taking the spiders, the spammers and all that noise out of the game:

8000 page views a month wassup website stats

In fact, have a look at the stats including the “noise”, which reveals over 33,000 page views:

wassup stats 33,000 page views a month

Actually, I had to look again: my website is taking 33,700+ page view requests a month???? Wow! Even I am impressed!

Anyway, back to the “valid” page views, I just reached 8,000 a month it seems — woohoo! Time for more drinks for me, it seems! Can’t wait for the 10,000 a month 😉