3,000+ Page Views a Month!

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In case you haven’t guessed it, yup, I’m talking about this very blog hitting a new milestone and hitting over 3,000 page views a month! I know this doesn’t sound like much for a “serious” website, but for something like this blog it IS a lot! Even more so as a lot more of the traffic nowadays seems to hit my technical articles — though, granted, there’s still quite a bit of traffic from people (my mates I guess?) looking at my pictures from what I can see…

This statistic was pulled from my beloved WassUp WordPress plugin — which this morning (PST) showed me this:

Last month's traffic on my blog

There’s been various trends as you can see but overall this seems to be on the way up from last month. To put it in perspective, this is what the traffic looks like over the last 3 months:

Last 3 months' traffic on my blog

(in case you haven’t figured it out the big dip in the middle was around New Year 😉 )

Also, as you might have figured out, I’ve filtered out all the spiders and the spam comments — which is obviously just irrelevant traffic — here’s an idea of how many spiders hit the blog on a monthly basis though:

Web spiders on my blog in a month

As they say: small step for man … 😉 My next challenge is to hit 5k a month — hopefully soon I’ll publish some similar stats about that!

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  1. Optimum Muscle

    Good Work mate!! all the best for your next goal!!