TuneIn Advertising — Highlight

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tunein radioWorking in advertising, you’d think I have my ad blocker on 24/7 — but I don’t! 🙂 And the reason for it is because I am curious what other companies are doing in this space so while I am quite likely not the main target for their advertising messages, I am very very interested to see other companies digital advertising solutions in full swing. And occasionally when I come across one interesting enough I investigate it a bit more — you’d be surprised the technology that goes on behind a single ad unit out there! — and also sometimes I highlight them on my blog.

Today I encountered such piece of advertising that I thought it’s worth highlighting it here, while listening to TuneIn. (Yes, I do use Spotify, and Amazon Prime Music and even iTunes sometimes but sometimes their music inventory when it comes to things like trance is limited so I like to switch to something like TuneIn radio stations for variety.)

What you can see below is just the visuals — an advert for Burger King’s grilled dogs. What you cannot see (sadly) is the fact that at the time the visual ad came on the page the audio paused and the audio for the ad kicked in. Very very neat!

burger king advert on tunein

There is a lot of in-video advertising nowadays which obviously mixes the image and the sound — however, I find this unit actually to be a more innovative one as it combines both display advertising with sound and as such it can be ubiquitously targeted to users across all platforms: if their device is a non-visual one the message still gets heard, if they have visuals as well then the message gets “embossed” somehow during the experience and it’s more likely to “stick”.

Well done, TuneIn!