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Advertising or Information?

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This goes out to all you ad skeptics out there who bang on about how useless the internet advertising is and how it should be banned / destroyed / 101’d etc: it is sad that not often advertising is delivered as a complement to the content being viewed, and as such it doesn’t come across […]

Joe Bloggs and Google

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So I keep being amazed every day by top search results in Google — obviously generated by Joe (Dumbass) Bloggs ๐Ÿ™‚ This occurred to me today when I was trying to search for running certain scripts in bash (Linux) and I ended up typing just “how to r” — and this is what good ole’ […]

Bandwidth – reloaded

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I’ve posted before about bandwidth in my posts and I knew from the beginning that it’s one of those issues that you can never exhaust. As it happens recently I came across another interesting thing which is probably worth sharing: cross browser delivery. In brief, it means delivering to each browser the content it can […]

Why I Think Technology Is Overrated

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You might find the opening title of this post shocking – even more so as I’m involved with technology on a daily basis! – and while it is true that I have chosen a very striking title for it to grab your attention hopefully by the end of it you might agree with some of […]

How do you attract your employees?

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“We are one of the greatest companies to work for!” I’m sure you’ve heard this a few times through your interviews. And only very rarely it proves to be the case. (leaving aside the fact that “great” is a subjective term and as such it’s difficult to compare the “greatness” of 2 companies , which […]

Why Google Is a Fun Working Environment?

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Like many of you I probably read many a times about what a great, fun environment to work in Google is. To be honest, I never bought into it — until today I finally realised it is true! And here is what made me change my mind: these are pictures taken from the other side […]

What Do We Use the Internet for Nowadays?

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If you ask Joe Bloggs what he uses the net for nowadays, a common term that pops up is “research”. People use the net to learn things — not a bad idea at all! After all, the information (in most cases) is out there, just waiting to be found. And with the competitiveness of the […]

Funny T-Shirt

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Probably one of the best T-shirts I’ve ever got ๐Ÿ™‚ Just have a look at the message on it ๐Ÿ™‚ lol

Advertising, the Internet and Usability

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If you are concerned with the usability of your site, you probably keep an eye like everyone else on Dr. Jakob Nielsen‘s site While I agree with (most of) his views, there is one aspect that I do not agree with entirely: advertising. If you read his article “Advertising Doesn’t Work on the Web“, […]

Enterprise vs .COM

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As some of you might know already, I work nowadays in a company that started during the .com era. It’s a new internet media organization, specialized in net contextual advertising. Prior to that though, I used to work in a company offering enterprise solutions for document management. Most of their clients were large-scale companies with […]