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With My Niece in a Supermarket

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This was taken in Constanta, Romania — went shopping and my niece wanted to go for a “ride” on one of the animals the supermarket had in the kids section. She didn’t want a dinosaur, or a lion, or a horse — nope! She wanted a pig! More specifically: Pippa Pig, according to her 🙂

Eastern Europe to the Untrained (Read “Ignorant”) Eye

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This morning on the way to Heathrow I couldn’t help overhearing a conversation going on in between 2 (what they thought they were) “proper Londoners” about the “invasion of Eastern Europe”. It went upon the lines of how these bloody Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Romanian came and took over London and that’s not right. Coincidentally, […]

(More) Idiotic Recruitment

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I’ve posted before about idiotic recruitment and having had some time to organise (read delete) some of my LinkedIn emails I came across this old one. So I decided that I’m going to start posting here every single bit of idiotic recruitment emails I’m getting — if there are people occasionally reading this then they’ll […]

Sa ne fie rusine!

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Intr-o tara in care se vorbeste despre integrarea in structurile Europene la nivel inalt, la nivelul omului de rand toate astea inseamna doar mai multi mici si bere si o burta mai mare — nu stim si nu vrem sa ne uitam si sa ne interesam de frumos! Mi-e scarba, ca si celui care a […]

2009 — Bad Year? No Way!!!

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It’s coming to the end of 2009 (only 3 days away really!) and as such there are a lot of people reflecting on how good or bad 2009 has been for them. Personally I wasn’t intending on doing so until a couple of days ago when I met up with an old friend who said […]

Anniversary “Badge”

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This chocolate badge (yes, it IS made of chocolate!) was given to me by my mum who still teaches at Liceul “Ovidius” in Constanta where I studied. It’s shaped like a CD but just … tastier 😉

Brilliant Romanian Rugby Site

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For those of you who still think Romanian rugby is non-existent, here’s the proof that’s not the case: this is the first rugby-only Romanian site that I know of: — it has live scores, news about the players (unfortunately most of the national squad as it turns out plays abroad!) and tons of other […]

“Piracy Worked for Us”

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So, according to President Basescu piracy worked for Romania by helping the country grow a very vibrant technology industry. Being a Romanian myself and having “enjoyed” partially during my student years the “privilege” of pirate copies (mainly because there were no dedicated shops at the time where you could acquire a software with a license […]