Marketing Session – Play

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marketingI will explain at the end what triggered in my mind this virtual theater play — as I had a deja vu moment and couldn’t help but share it (story of my blog really 🙂 ). This is my first attempt at “writing” a play so bear with me — hopefully it will be worth it!

Imagine the following set: board meeting a la Alan Sugar, with the big cheese on one side and the heads of various departments on the other. Possibly beginning of the year and everyone is trying to show off to the new boss with their ideas of taking the company “boldly when no one else has gone before”. We are talking of course of the internet and new media world here, just to put it in context better.

Head of Marketing: – “Our study recognized that we need to concentrate our efforts over the upcoming months on mobile users. We have seen an increase in this sector ten-fold…”

Sales Director: -“At this point if I can intervene here, sorry, I’ll second what our Head of Marketing states here, this is definitely an area we need to explore more…”

Head of Marketing: – “Thank you! I really appreciate that!”

Sales Director: -“No need for thanks here, you have done an awesome job here and the graphs speak for themselves…”

Head of Marketing (really pleased with himself): – “Thanks!”

(There are smiles all around the table and pleased faces.)

Head of Marketing: -“So we need to increase our spend within the mobile sector to mimic…”

Sales Director: -“And social!”

Head of Marketing: -“Pardon?”

Sales Director: -“I meant we need to increase our spent in the mobile sector AND social media. See, the only thing I would add onto this, which we consider just as important, is social media users. You see, we believe this is a segment worth our attention and …”

Head of Marketing: -“Indeed! And I thank my colleague here for bringing this up because I was going to touch on that too since he is right, this is a very important…”

Sales Director: -“You see the thing is the 2 of them go hand in hand…”

Head of Marketing: -“That’s right! Thank you! We found out too that mobile users…”

Sales Director: -“Use their mobile devices to browse social media websites!”

Head of Marketing: -“Precisely! Thank you!”

Sales Director: -“No, thank you, for such an awesome presentation! Really insightful information and data!”

Head of Marketing: -“Thank you, I believe joining our forces in this we will definitely succeed in our initiative!”

(There are at this point imaginary high-fives being exchanged in between the 2 and smiles all around.)

Head of Marketing: -“So we need to increase our mobile presence…”

Sales Director: -“And social!”

Head of Marketing: -“And social indeed, as my esteemed colleague pointed out, these 2 go hand in hand. You see by targeting the mobile users…”

Sales Director: -“And social!”

Head of Marketing: -“…mobile and social users, we will be in a better position to engage effectively our customers with our brand. Mobile …”

Sales Director: -“And social!”

Head of Marketing: -“Mobile and social indeed leverages an amazing platform which exposes new and relevant communities to the brand by providing assets to encourage brand evangelism on the mobile channels.”

Sales Director: -“Or Social”

Head of Marketing: -“Right, mobile or social channels.”

Sales Director: -“Thank you!”

Head of Marketing: -“No need, we’re on the same page really. We just need to concentrate our efforts together into this and drive break through conversations with the mobile social communities, via an engaging social…”

Sales Director: -“Or mobile”

Head of Marketing: -“…via an engaging social or mobile viral!”

(Round of applause around the room. The 2 individuals stand up, shake hands, thank each other and everyone in their team.)

Big Cheese: -“Agreed! Sounds like we have a plan ladies and gentlemen, let’s stop wasting time and start executing it! Good work everyone!”

(More applause. This time addressed to the 3 geniuses in the room.)

Now, having read all of that have a look at this: (hopefully the YouTube video stays there for a while)

And if you don’t like YouTube, have a look at this transcript:

JUDITH: I do feel, Reg, that any Anti-Imperialist group like ours must reflect such a divergence of interests within its power-base.

REG: Agreed. Francis?

FRANCIS: Yeah. I think Judith’s point of view is very valid, Reg, provided the Movement never forgets that it is the inalienable right of every man…

STAN: Or woman.

FRANCIS: Or woman… to rid himself…

STAN: Or herself.

FRANCIS: Or herself.

REG: Agreed.

FRANCIS: Thank you, brother.

STAN: Or sister.

FRANCIS: Or sister! Where was I?

REG: I think you’d finished.

FRANCIS: Oh. Right.

So finally I can now disclose the deja vu: I was indeed watching Monty Python‘s “Life of Brian” — this particular scene when it striked me: my god, how many times did we not see meetings like this, when 2-3 muppets just spend time patting each other on the back and complementing (as well as complimenting) each other, in an absolute meaningless and fruitless discussion? And what came out of that? Well, by now, at least a (slightly funny) play by yours truly — though arguably, it’s all down to the Monty Python’s boys who are so in line with modern times!