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CDN — The Basics — Part 3

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We looked in the previous post in these series on how to employ multiple load balancers to scale out your web app, however, so far the multiple load balancers were only used in a live/stand-by scenario, such as at any moment in time only one load balancer was active, while the other(s) were on standby, […]

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The Rugby Team Principle — Illustrated Edition

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I wrote a while back about the rugby team principle and recently I stumbled on YouTube on this clip — which more than exemplifies what I was trying to convey. Please bear with the crappy quality of it! It depicts the last few minutes of Harlequins against Stade Fran├žais in the European cup — The […]

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Think You Know Beer? Think Again! :)

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OK, so throughout my journeys around the world I have been fortunate (read “fat”! :D) enough to try what I thought to be the beers, wines, scotches and vodka’s of the world… Little did I know I was so wrong! It appears even a simple subject like beer is more complicated than one might think! […]

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The Adventures of an NFL Helmet

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So the 49ers won their play-off against the Packers — wooohooo!!! And I was in the bar with my mates to watch it – guess what? Wearing the NFL helment I was bragging about before! Greg got us some prime-time seats right in the front of the big-ass screen and luckily surrounded by 49ers fan […]


CDN — The Basics — Part 2

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In the previous post, “CDN — The Basics — Part 1”, we got as far as looking at the situation where a load ballancer is employed in front of a set of identical web servers, and the DNS is handled externally by a dedicated DNS server, potentially in a different cloud/region/data center. As it has […]

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Product Idea — Dropbox Reloaded

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I just had this thought just now and I thought I have to start writing down these “product ideas” — which are just random ideas of small improvements for various products that come to my mind every now and then — as otherwise nothing will happen. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect that simply […]