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I’ve posted before about idiotic recruitment and having had some time to organise (read delete) some of my LinkedIn emails I came across this old one. So I decided that I’m going to start posting here every single bit of idiotic recruitment emails I’m getting — if there are people occasionally reading this then they’ll learn in time to steer clear of such morons: if you’re a candidate, the last thing you want is to be headhunted by a useless prick who will represent you to a company and potentially lose you the opportunity before you even had it; and if you’re a company, you don’t want to be dealing with a stupid mothertrucker who clearly won’t have any idea who’s recruiting and will just chuck random CV’s at you. So idiot recruiters out there — beware! 😀

So this dude who wrote to me is Romanian, he works for a big (as I hear) software company in Bucharest and he sent me this — I’ve highlighted bits of it in different colour so I can translate the important bits for you (and comment on them of course :D)

As per usual I wiped out the company name as I’m not trying to put them in a bad light — it’s the recruiter here who’s the idiot. (Though granted, one could ask why the fuck are they spending money hiring humpty-dumpty’s like him!) To prove that I’m not making this shit up, here‘s the original to the PSD file where you can remove the red layers to see the actual names.

The bit that I have highlighted in yellow above reads:

“(Dear Mr Liviu Tudor) I am approaching you in maximum confidence as I have studied with a real interest your profile [on LinkedIn] and other electronic sites (errrr do you know of any mechanical sites? but fair enough perhaps my Romanian has gotten rusty) and I have noticed your experience in the Java software development fied.”

He then goes on to sell me a position in the company he works for — bear in mind, this company is based in Bucharest, Romania! The bit that I have highlighted in the text above in bold red is the one that made me chuckle! If this mothertrucker has really studied my profile “with a real interest” how could he missed out on bloody tiny little detail: that I’ve been living for 10+ years in the UK, you fucking idiot! You didn’t even read my profile — you typed in “Java” in some friggen search in LinkedIn and filtered out all the Romanian names and ticked “Select All” and then pressed “Send” didn’t you? Job done!Even though LinkedIn allows you to refine your searches by territory you obviously didn’t know how to do that cause you’re just a dumbass idiot! Next time you write to me, I bet you’ll send me a job spec for strawberry picking or combine worker somewhere in Transilvania — after all I got a Romanian name so fuck it, that will do! IDIOT! :)

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