Samsung, Darling, Please Fix Your Galaxy Gear S…t!

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OK so I’ve got myself a while back a Samsung Galaxy Gear watch and set it all up to connect to my Samsung Galaxy S3 and all that stuff — and as you recall, I’ve actually published a post about software upgrades and what-not needed to actually get to install the right stuff and get the 2 of them to talk to each other.

Well, I honestly thought at the time I’m one of the 0-point-0-0-0-0-X percent of people who had this issue, on the basis my Android OS was a bit behind and so was the case with my Samsung Apps on my phone. However, looking recently at my blog traffic and analyzing the search terms used by peeps to hit my blog (thank you, Wassup!) it turns out that the problem is much bigger than I thought: simply looking at a couple of days worth of traffic revealed so many searches against this problem:


Holy Molly! That’s a lot of searches for a small blog like mine! Bearing in mind that my blog post is still rather recent (I’m surprised Google and the likes indexed it already), and the fact that there are other websites out there which will appear top of search results to their SEO efforts, I’d venture to guess I’ve only captured about maybe 5% of the search results on this matter — so you’re looking at 20 times that in terms of searches a day on this issue. Times that 30 for a month and you get I think a few hundred people pissed off because of this.

So dear Samsung, can you please fix your sh..t for the next release of your wearables? Come on, make it actually nice to buy this and use it ok? 😉

One Response to “Samsung, Darling, Please Fix Your Galaxy Gear S…t!”

  1. Dewey Zalazar

    yes it worked for my samsung wave s5330 to connect with samsung kies thx